Our Next Chapter

With the growth, or shall I say explosion, of Flipped Learning there has been an increasing demand on my life to spin many different plates.  I have a full time job at the Joseph Sears School, I am writing a second book with Aaron, I am on the board of the Flipped Learning Network, I am keeping up a crazy travel schedule, and I am training for a half-ironman triathlon.  Typing all of this makes me tired.  


Anyways:  my family and I have decided that I need to focus in on one thing.  Thus, with great regret, I handed in my resignation from my job as Lead Technology Facilitator at the Joseph Sears School here in Illinois.  It is a great school with an amazing staff which I will miss.  I have learned so much in these past two years about technology integration, professional development, leadership, friendship, and a whole host of other things.  We informed the staff this week and they have been very supportive and encouraging.  Though we are leaving the school, we plan to stay in Illinois and plan to still see my wonderful colleagues.     


Thus, I will be devoting my full energies to helping to nurture-lead-inspire the flipped learning movement.  This will mean more travel and spending more time getting to know many of you who have taken the plunge into flipped learning.  But it will also mean that when I am home, I will be home.  My wife and I plan to share our little home office as she does much of the business end of FLN while I work on other projects.  This is a scary step because I will soon be essentially without gainful employment.  I will rely on folks who want me to come and train their teachers and schools. I also have some additional writing projects I want to do (more on those later). Already I have commitments from a variety of schools and conferences where I will be working so at least for the next couple of months, we are pretty busy.   


Though scary, my wife and I are excited about this new chapter in our lives.  We are humbled that flipped learning has taken off as it has and are excited for the road that is ahead.


Thus:  If you are in need of anybody to work with your school or district, feel free to email me and we can set something up.