research (1)Below is a list of some of the research which demonstrates the efficacy of flipped learning. If you are aware of other studies on Flipped Learning, please email us at and we will add it to this list.

The Synergistic Effects of Self-Regulation Tools and the Flipped ClassroomStudy of Chemistry students showed between 3%-7% increase on student achievement.
Student perceptions toward flipped learning: New methods to increase interaction and active learning in economicsUniversity Study on student perceptions of a partially flipped course were positive
The Flipped Classroom: An Opportunity To Engage Millennial Students Through Active Learning
Introducing a New Teaching Model:Flipped ClassroomPositive results of flipped class study in China by a friend of Jon's
Middle school students' flipped learning readiness in foreign language classrooms: Exploring its relationship with personal characteristics and individual circumstances
Exploring undergraduates' perspectives and flipped learning readiness in their flipped classrooms
Flipped classrooms and student learning: not just surface gainsMedical Science Study shows significant advantages to Flipped Learning
Perceived Usefulness of “Flipped Learning” onInstructional Design for Elementary and SecondaryEducation: With Focus on Pre-service Teacher Education
Perceptions of Blended Learning: A Case Study on Student Experiences in an Advanced Placement Macroeconomics CourseA study which measures student perceptions of flipped learning
2014 Speak Up SurveyA survey of over 500,000 teachers, students, parents, and administrators explains how much Flipped Learning has been adopted in the USA.
Flipped Learning Model Increases StudentEngagement and PerformanceCase study at Byron High School (Minnesota USA) shows significant increases in student achiemvent
Flipped Learning Model Dramatically ImprovesCourse Pass Rate for At-Risk Students Clintondale High School (Michigan USA) shows significant reduction in student failure rates
2014 Literature Review of Flipped Learning ResearchCompiled by George Mason University Researchers
Spartan College Shows Improvements with Flipped LearningOctober 2014
A novel integration of online and flipped classroom instructional models in public health higher educationFlipped Learning in Public Health Education
Flipped Classroom May Help Weaker STEM StudentsStudy shows better improvements for struggling students in a Flipped Classroom
The Flipped-Classroom Approach: The Answer to Future Learning?
First Phase of a Flipped Classroom Pilot Produces Encouraging Results With Flip of Limited set of Lessons
Research: Flipped Learning for ESL Students Shows PotentialStudy shows increased performance of ESL students in Flipped Classes
Flipped Learning Model Yields Higher Grades in High School Math Course
The Flipped ClassroomA Teaching Enhancement Fund ReportNew Study from the UK
Project Tomorrow Report 2016This US surevey of over 34,000 teachers discusses the use of video in classes. The survey says that 16% of US teachers say they have flipped their classes.
How much research has been done on Flipped LearningNote the number of peer reviewed articles about flipped learning has increased exponentially. June 2016
Flipped classroom provides better exam resultsSwedish University shows flipped learning increases student test scores.