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  1. Joanne Ward

    ” By Friday, you must have mastered the following three objectives.” (Jon Bergmann)

    I really like the part that this model allows a pace and some freedom to the students!

  2. One of the things I like about this is that there is FREEDOM in it. I totally agree that if there is not some sort of pacing guide, some students will have “no pace at all’. I have my class structured on a daily schedule for those that need it, but because all of the content is already created for the unit, those students that are able to work at a faster pace are able to do so. Thanks, Jon, for posting this!

    1. Jon Bergmann

      And it is important that some kids are given their own individual pace because they need more structure. I especially saw this with my ADHD kids.

  3. Doug Adomatis

    I can’t get my head around how to assign a penalizing grade to students who fall behind a reasonable pace. In Jon’s first book he said that 50% of overall grade was summative assessment and 50%was on keeping pace. I would like to learn more about how to assign grades for pacing

    1. Jon Bergmann

      This is a bit of a complex answer. As time went on I began to believe in Standards Based Grading. The problem was that my school district was not going to change from an A-F system. So it was like putting a round peg in a square hole. We developed a hybrid system which I was never really happy with.

      1. Doug Adomatis

        In the real world, if you don’t make good use of time and/or late to deliver assignments , then you get fired, demoted, or held back from promotion. In traditional classrooms teachers may deduct a certain percentage, like 10% per day, for turning in a late assignment. Accordingly, in a flexible paced classroom there should be penalty. However if a kid ultimately makes a 100 on a summative assessment, then that needs to be recorded. So, penalty points need to be in a separate category. Some art/music teachers I know give daily participation grades, which they tell me is primarily a classroom management strategy. That strategy is what I leaning towards now. I’d pay to find out what other teachers have had success with.

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