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Jon Bergmann

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Working in Real Classrooms

Mastery Learning

In a Mastery Learning classroom, students master content through a semi-asyncronous system. Students work at a flexible pace and don't move on until mastery is achieved.


At the heart of good teaching is relationships. Mastery Learning allows teachers more time to interact with students. This enables them to meet both cognitive and affective needs.

Learning Loss

Did your students gotten behind due to the pandemic? I've discovered firsthand how Mastery Learning has kept my students on target during these constantly-changing times.

2021 and the years following will be marked as a time period that fundamentally changed "how" we teach. No longer will we waste our classtime with simple information transfer. Instead, students will digitally examine material before they come to class, while also interacting socially around the shared content with their classmates. Face-to-face classtime will then be transformed. It will be a place where students actively take ownership of their learning and connect with their classmates and teachers.

--Jon Bergmann

What is Flipped Mastery Learning


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The Missing Link

 Jon Bergmann’s book, The Mastery Learning Handbook, is the missing piece in the rapidly-emerging world of competency-based education. Based on work in his classroom and in classrooms around the world, there is nothing else like it. As an experienced competency-based educator for almost 50 years, I know that this is the nuts-and-bolts toolkit teachers need to transform classrooms around the world, one lesson at a time.

Mark Siegel, Asst Head of School, Delphian School

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"A simple, but brilliant idea from a high school teacher in Colorado triggered a huge impact to reviving a lagging and smothering public education system in Korea. What a small and connected world we are living in! I, along with all the teachers of our Future Class Network, an education innovation organization consisting of Korean teachers, sincerely appreciate Jon, and will support all the future endeavors for our next generation. "

Jung Chanpil
TV Producer, Korean Broadcasting Network

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