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Jon Bergmann is one of the pioneers of the Flipped Class Movement. Jon has coordinated and guided Flipped Learning programs around the globe, including: Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea, the Middle East, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

Jon is the author of ten books, including the bestselling book Flip Your Classroom, which has been translated into 10 languages.

He has been an educator since 1986. He has served as a middle and high school science teacher, lead technology facilitator, consultant/public speaker, and is now back in the classroom working with his amazing students.

Jon is a master storyteller, captivating audiences around the globe. He has a knack for taking complex things and simplifying them through story and humor.  He also has a popular YouTube Channel with almost five million views.

In 2002, Jon received the Presidential Award for Excellence for Math and Science Teaching; and in 2010, he was named Semi-finalist for Colorado Teacher of the Year. He serves on the advisory board for TED-Education. In 2013, was named one of Tech & Learning’s 10 Most Influential People of the Year, and was also a finalist for the Brock International Prize for Education.

Jon and his wife make their home in Houston Texas and have three grown children.

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