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Making Mastery Learning a Reality One Day at a Time

Making Mastery Learning a Reality One Day at a Time

Hosted by: Jon Bergmann

Can you make Mastery Learning really work in a regular classroom? How can you make it a reality one day at a time? Join teacher Jon Bergmann in the quest to reach every student in every class every day.

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New Year - New Iterations of Mastery Learning

Iterating is a key to anything successful. Jon starts out the new year with three new tweaks to mastery learning. How will he address students who cheated? How does he onboard new students? He also comes up with a new...
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Hope for Exhausted & Burned Out Teachers

More than ever, teachers are exhausted and burned out. Listen in as Jon shares some thoughts about the state of teaching today and how he sees hope.   You can also watch this episode at
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Solving Cellphone Distractions in a Mastery Classroom

In a Mastery Classroom, it is imperative that students aren't distracted by technology. In this episode, Jon discovers one simple hack that makes a huge impact. You can also watch this on YouTube...
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How to Motivate the Struggling Student in a Mastery Classroom

Some students fall behind in a Mastery Learning program. Then they get into a cycle where they can't catch up. Jon explains a strategy he is using that gets them to keep up while others forge ahead. You can also watch...
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Our Students are in a Social and Emotional Crisis

This week Jon was put to the test when he found about a student who was going through some significant issues. He made assumptions and found them to be false. He also comments on the SEL crisis that is facing our...
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Helping Students Who Take Shortcuts in a Mastery Learning Class

How do you help students who take shortcuts in a Mastery Learning Classroom?  This is addressed in this episode.  You can also watch this podcast at
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The Value of Hard Deadlines-in a Mastery Learning Class

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Creating a Sustainable Rhythm in Mastery Learning

Discover a rhythm in Mastery Learning that you can keep up. Learn the one thing Jon has done which has significantly improved his Mastery learning class
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How to Adapt when Pandemic Learning Loss Impacts Mastery

In this episode, Jon shares how he is having to adjust as he comes to the realization that his students have been impacted by learning loss due to the pandemic. You can also watch this episode as a video podcast at...
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Creating Urgency When Students Fall Behind

In a Mastery Learning classroom, students work a flexible paces. But invariably, some students get behind. How do you deal with this? Jon reflects on how he plans to build some urgency into his students who have...
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Differentiating Summative Assessments in a Mastery Classroom

What and how do you differentiate summative assessments in a Mastery Learning Classroom. Listen in as Jon reflects on things he is learning about differentiation and how he challenges his most able students. You can...
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Mastery Assessment Reassessed

What and how do you do summative assessments in a Mastery Learning Classroom. Listen in as Jon reflects on how he is adjusting assessments as he makes Mastery Learning a Reality every day. You can also watch the video...
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