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Forever Changed: Education Predictions for 2021

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2021

Jon was invited to share his predictions for THE Journal. His comments are featured last in the article. You can read the full article HERE

Jon's predictions are below

The "How" of Teaching Will Forever Change

Maybe more than anything else, the pandemic has shown us the value of face-to-face time with our students. We didn't really know how valuable it was until we lost it. So, when this pandemic ends, and it will end, we will never take for granted the precious moments we have with our students.

2021 and the years following will be marked as the years where we fundamentally changed "how" we teach. No longer will we waste our class time with simple information transfer. Instead, students will interact with content before they come to class. They will do this digitally, where they can interact with their teachers and their peers. And then face-to-face time will be transformed. It will be a place of learning where students actively participate in their learning, connect with their classmates and teachers and take ownership of their own learning.

And make no mistake, students won't put up with passive learning anymore. The pandemic has shown them that they can learn anything from a YouTube video and need schools for something much different than information transfer. They want and will demand from schools: help with difficult concepts, deeper connections, hands-on learning, minds-on learning and launching pads to their dreams.

 — Jon Bergmann


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