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The Best Thing You Can Do NOW to Get Student Buy-In Next Year

Uncategorized May 17, 2021

One of the most important things to do at the begging of the year is to get student buy-in.  Regardless of how you teach, students need to hear from other students. Since, I teach using a Flipped-Mastery approach, this is even more crucial. I need to get my student to understand why the way I teach benefits them. 

This little hack must be set up NOW before the end of the school year.

Get a video camera or use your smartphone, and ask your current students a couple of questions. Record it and then either show it in class at the beginning of the school year or better yet, make it your first flipped class lesson of the year.  The reality is that students are more likely to listen to other students than they are to you.  The two questions I ask my current students are:

  • What do you see as the benefits of the flipped classroom? (or whatever way you teach)
  • What advice do you have for next years’ students to be successful in this course?

Then take some time and edit the video and you are ready to start next year.

Below is a video I created last year for this year's students. Note, these kids were all home due to COVID. This year's students will all be masked.  



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